Farmers By Choice is an urban farm tucked away between residential properties in the Northern part of the Illawarra, Bulli. Since coming in to operation in 2015, the farm is mainly run by Luke Murphy with the help of a few volunteers and has an emphasis on permaculture, sustainability and aquaponics.

As well as supplying weekly vegetable boxes to the public, we open the farm gate every Sunday between 9 and 12 for you to come and pick your own produce, learn about urban farming and discuss permaculture or sustainable practices. It’s a relaxed, friendly, community experience and we encourage you to come along and meet us. 

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weekly vegetable boxes:

Our produce is local, seasonal and chemical free. We offer a weekly vegetable box that can be ordered via our Facebook Page or our contact form below. Our main products include:
– Eggs
– Leafy greens
– Honey
– Mushrooms
– Seasonal veggies (zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant etc)

We are located at:

34 George Ave
Bulli 2516 NSW

Open to the public every Sunday
from 9am – 12

the benefits of buying locally:

– No chemicals on our produce means you and your family aren’t exposing yourself to harmful toxins
– The veggies we harvest have been picked the same day, so are packed with nutrients and flavour, unlike what you will find in the big supermarkets (that’s sometimes traveled for weeks before you take it home!)
– We don’t use plastic packaging, so you’re minimising your impact on the environment.
– You get to see where your food has come from. There’s something special about getting to know your farmer and seeing the whole ‘paddock to plate’ process in full. Make your grocery shop a more mindful experience.

Is it Organic?

At Farmers By Choice, we don’t use pesticides or chemicals to grow our produce.
We aren’t ‘certified organic’, because attaining certification actually costs a lot of money and we try to keep our prices low to make healthy, local produce an affordable option for the Illawarra. You can be assured that you are getting chemical-free, sustainably farmed, seasonal produce when you shop with us.

If you aren’t on Facebook and you’d like to know more about Farmers By Choice, please get in touch with us by contacting Luke at