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connecting illawarra small businesses with the community

Are you a small business owner who is wondering how the hell you’re going to find the time to build or run a website?

Or you have a website, but it doesn’t seem to rank in Google searches and your ideal customers just aren’t finding you online?

Do you feel like you’re slowly getting left behind as the age of digital marketing sweeps in?

“The List” is so much more than a local business directory. We focus on showcasing the unique parts of your business that separates you from the pack. We want to present the people and the stories behind your business, to help you be found in the online space.





Your business contact details and logo listed under relevant categories, including a clickable link to either your existing website or social media page.

Health & Wellness businesses: $99 p.a

Fresh Produce and Hospitality businesses: $47 p.a

Premium Listing


Full sized web page with SEO
Up to 3 images
Clickable link to existing website or social media

PLUS if 12 months paid upfront:
One article per year that features your business

Health & Wellness businesses:

$400 p.a or $37 per month

Fresh produce and Hospitality businesses:

$200 p.a or
$17 per month



Got a new product or service that you want to tell everyone about? Just won an award or been recognised  for something that you’re amazing at? Why not have your business featured on “The List”?

Approximately $120 per article (depending on content, images etc)

Illawarra Cafes and Restaurants need your help!

The rules keep changing day by day for Australian business owners as the country bands together to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Illawarra cafes, restaurants and catering businesses are getting creative to keep themselves going and introducing new ways of...

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The rise of smudge sticks in the Illawarra

The rise of smudge sticks in the Illawarra

There’s a buzz about town lately and it might surprise you. It seems that the practice of “smudging” (the use of smoke to clear negative energies away) is growing in popularity in the Illawarra area...So, exactly what is smudging?Smudging is the term given to the...

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