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connecting illawarra small businesses with the community

Are you a small business owner who is wondering how the hell you’re going to find the time to build or run a website?

Or you have a website, but it doesn’t seem to rank in Google searches and your ideal customers just aren’t finding you online?

Do you feel like you’re slowly getting left behind as the age of digital marketing sweeps in?

“The List” is so much more than a local business directory. We focus on showcasing the unique parts of your business that separates you from the pack. We want to present the people and the stories behind your business, to help you be found in the online space.

Are you spending hundreds, or even thousand of dollars for a listing in the Yellow Pages or similar? If your business isn’t one of the first things people see when they search for your business category on Google, chances are you haven’t got a good return on your investment.

At “The List”, we work hard to get our business listings appearing in search engine results, so you can feel like you’ve made a good decision when you list with us. We keep our fees low, because we are passionate about supporting local businesses and Illawarra jobs.





Your business contact details and logo listed under relevant categories, including a clickable link to your existing website or social media page.

$500 for 12 months

Premium Listing


Full sized web page with SEO. (That’s Search Engine Optimisation)
Up to 3 images.
Clickable link to existing website or social media.

BONUS: Your business will be mentioned in one of our blog articles.

$1000 for 12 months



Got a new product or service that you want to tell everyone about? Just won an award or been recognised  for something that you’re amazing at? Why not have your business featured on “The List”?

Approximately $350 per article (depending on content, images etc)

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