Looking for a new gym in the Illawarra area?

Joining a gym is a great way to keep yourself motivated and reach your health and fitness goals. Try a few until you find the right fit – whether it’s functional fitness, 24 hour access, women only, or even a specific feature such as access to a pool, a sauna, or a kid friendly fitness centre that you’re after – there’s an Illawarra gym that will feel right for you.

With new fitness centres opening up all the time, we’re always on the lookout for new classes or offerings to share with the local community. If you know of a gym in the Illawarra area that is doing something a little differently, please get in touch so we can let people know about it!

How do you choose a new gym?

There are many reasons for joining a new gym – you might be embarking on your fitness journey for the first time, or maybe you’re just feeling a little stale with your current exercise routine. Maybe your needs have changed and your current fitness centre no longer suits you as well as it used to. Your choice of gym can be a big factor in how successful your health outcomes are going to be, so it’s worth getting this decision right. Here at “The List”, we suggest spending a month or so test-driving a few local gyms to get a feel for what you do and don’t like about them.

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The most common reasons people look to join a new gym include:

Moving location. Maybe you’ve moved house to a new suburb or town. Maybe you’ve changed your job and are looking for something close to your new workplace to train before or after work.

A physical health goal. For some people, it’s all about appearances and the desire to trim down or bulk up gets to the point where a fitness challenge is on the cards. There’s often a goal weight / dress size in mind and it may be for a special occasion such as an upcoming wedding. In some cases, the physical health is more about what’s happening on the inside. A health scare such as concerning blood work or a heart attack can be a big driver for taking a new approach to health and fitness.

A physical performance goal. Competitive athletes usually undergo some sort of strength training to supplement their specific skill sets. Depending on your desired outomces, some gyms are better equipped to cater to your training needs than others. Even weekend warriors can be pretty disciplined when it comes to optimising their sporting performance and may find than some fitness centres can offer a better fit for them than facilities.

Social connections. It’s pretty well accepted these days that exercise is a big part of managing mental health. Humans are social creatures and for som people, group exercise can be a really effective way of getting their social needs met while at the same time accomplishing their fitness goals. Different gyms have different vibes – it’s important to feel safe, empowered and welcome where you train, so if you aren’t getting that currently, you probably need to get out there and find yout tribe!

Logistical factors: 24hr gyms have been a game changer for many people , particularly shift workers. You may be after a gym that is easily accessible for a wheelchair or has a creche facility. Don’t let logistics be the barrier between reaching your health goals – the likelihood is that there’s a fitness centre in the Illawarra that has the set up you’re after.

Special Facilities: What floats your boat? Free WiFi, infrared sauna, swimming pool, specific bodybuilding equipment, meditation classes?

Pricing and contracts: In today’s climate of ever increasing inflation, everyone is looking to save some dollars where they can. There are a range of different price points for Illawarra gyms, from premium memberships at boutique facilities to really affordable community fitness centres. The important thing to check when signing up to a new gym is whether you’re locked in for a fixed period to get a good rate. You may find it suits you better to pay a couple of dollars more per week, but have no lock in contract.

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