Stay home, avoid the big supermarkets, support local businesses...


That’s what we’ve been asked to do and the vast majority are happy to do their bit in slowing the spread of COVID-19 by avoiding going out as much as possible. Not only is it an unnecessary trip, but large supermarkets have become more unpleasant than ever before with the limited range of products available and the looming threat of coming in to contact with the dreaded virus by touching shopping trolleys.

The good news is that a growing number of local businesses are offering home delivery services for basic groceries across the Illawarra. The essentials of bread and milk, fresh fruit and veggies and quality meat can now be taken care of without needing to leave the house. The best bit? You’re directly supporting small businesses and keeping your money flowing through our local economy.

Here’s a few of the local legends that are shaking things up to bring their products to your doorstep:

If you’re after fresh bread, milk and a few treats for the kids while they’re in ‘home school’ for the forseeable future, there are several local bakeries and cafes who are now delivering.

Coniston Bakery are doing a morning run between 9 and 10am with breads, sourdough and pastries / sweets. Also able to meet your bakery needs are previous Crown St market stall holders, Artisan Bread Basket who are starting deliveries this week across Wollongong, Figtree, Shellharbour and Albion Park. They have a loyal following of customers who love their range of breads, pies, pastries and sweets, plus they will be introducing a wider range of products in the coming weeks. Wholesaler Sans Gluten (Shellharbour area) are also on board with home deliveries and cater to those with allergies and certain dietary requirements.

Down in Albion Park, Three Flamingos Espresso have adjusted their business model to provide breakfast hampers and a range of essentials including bread, flour, eggs and milk for delivery.


Coniston based fruit and vegetable suppliers, Passion in Fruit, have closed the doors to their shop front temporarily and have suffered obvious significant losses losses to their wholesale arm (usually supplying many local cafes and restaurants with produce). They are now focusing on delivering a selection of different sized boxes available to suit a variety of households. They also have juice, eggs, milk and bread available and the quality and price of their produce is exceptional.

Woonona Fruit Basket is another option for those thinking of getting their fresh produce delivered to their door. These guys can also sort you out for milk, pasta, eggs and flour. No toilet paper on the shopping cart at this stage though!

If its’ meat that’s got you trudging back and forth from the supermarkets, we’ve got you covered as well! A growing number of our local butchers are offering delivery across the Illawarra area. In the northern suburbs, try giving the guys at Purebred Meats Thirroul a call. Further south, you can contact Hasties’ Top Taste Meats, Johnny’s Meat and Seafood at Berkeley or Albion Park Village Meats to discuss their delivery options available.

There’s never been a more important time to rally behind our local businesses and show them our support. These troopers who are being as agile as they can to keep their businesses afloat during these tough times deserve a massive pat on the back. Plus you get to stay at home, doing your bit and staying safe. If you, or someone you know is trying to avoid the craziness of the shops, why not give one of your local small businesses a go instead?

If you have a local business to recommend, please get in touch and let us know!