Naturopathy is often sought out by people who wish to investigate and treat the cause of their illness and disease rather that just treating the symptoms. A qualified naturopath seeks to improve overall wellness through improving immunity, reviewing and advising lifestyle choices and providing education on holistic health.

In the Illawarra, naturopaths hold a range of qualifications depending on their area of interest or specialty. This may include herbal medicine, massage therapy, nutritional medicine, iridology, homeopathy and kinesiology. Your local naturopath may be able to assist you with:
– digestive function
– immunity
– weight loss
– fatigue
– hormonal imbalances
– detoxification
– identifying food sensitivities or intolerances, and
– allergies and auto-immune conditions

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Core Naturopathics

Core Naturopathics

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1300 855 008
Suite 2, Ground Floor, 87-89 Market St