I’ve never really understood much about Reiki – I believed it was a type of massage with some extra “woo” factor, but not having known anyone who’d experienced a Reiki session, I remained oblivious… 

It was only a few months ago that a friend met up with a group of us for an afternoon drink at Figtree Bowling Club and ordered herself a lemon, lime and bitters. This might seem unremarkable, but this particular friend isn’t usually one to order soft drink – she’s always been comfortable downing a few alcoholic beverages and having gone through a particularly tumultuous time over the past year, her decision to stick to soft drink was unexpected. I wasn’t the only one who noticed – when another friend in the group queried her choice of drink, she responded by saying she had tried Reiki for the first time a couple of days earlier and since her session hadn’t had the urge to either drink alcohol or smoke. Now my attention really piqued…this lady loves a cigarette. The idea of her suddenly “going off the smokes” got me leaning in to ask her some more questions. She explained that she had been given a voucher to attend a Reiki session at Figtree Holistic Therapies. Knowing nothing about Reiki to begin with, she had attended the appointment with an open mind. Whilst not understanding how the Reiki therapy worked, she described an overwhelming feeling of calm since her treatment and I was fascinated by this new chilled out version of my friend.

I contacted Judy Mazsa from Figtree Holistic Therapies to get a simple explanation of what Reiki involves and what it is used for. Judy began her Reiki training in 2004 , making a drastic life change when she traded her corporate career in London to follow her passion for this Japanese technique of energy healing. The past 15 years have seen her continually build upon her skills to include massage therapy, the use of Young Living therapeutic essential oils, tuning forks and energetic clearing and balancing techniques.  Here’s what Judy had to say about what she does:

Me: So, exactly what is Reiki?

Judy: “Reiki is a gentle yet powerful treatment which sends high levels of energy into our body’s energy storage centres called chakras and the channels which run between chakras.  These channels carry energy around the body just like our veins and arteries carry nutrients and fluids.  In the same way that food and water fuels our physical body, we need high levels of energy to bring out our mental and emotional best. ”

 Me: What benefits do people report feeling through Reiki treatment?

Judy: “We’re all familiar with feeling energetically drained by every day experiences – challenging interactions with family and colleagues, being very busy, feeling ill, anxious, stressed and traumatised – all of these factors deplete our energy levels and leave us energetically ‘bruised’.  Repeated knocks over longer periods can lead to illness.  A Reiki treatment returns our energy system back to its optimum levels whilst also removing any energetic ‘bruises’. It helps us become our best selves by clearing the energetic muck we’ve picked up that’s been hindering our progress.  It inspires us to pursue our goals and dreams free of the usual doubts and fears and creates a sense of immunity from other people’s dramas.  It also helps us recover from trauma and anxiety in a short period of time, so it’s an efficient method for healing when our free time is limited.

The benefits of Reiki are specific to each person and may include:

  • Clear mind, improved concentration and awareness
  • Creating healthier happier relationships and boundaries
  • Feeling grounded
  • Increased energy levels
  • Clarity about how to move through challenging situations
  • Taking decisive action without the usual hesitation or procrastination
  • Deeper rejuvenating sleep
  • Reduced pain and faster recovery from illness
  • Releasing old wounds which have been affecting relationship to self and others
  • Immunity to other people’s control dramas
  • Improved confidence
  • Deep feeling of internal peace
  • Stronger intuition
  • Feeling happier
  • Feeling better about yourself

 Me: What can a person expect during a Reiki session?

Judy: “My approach to working with clients is to first discuss what they wish to create in their lives and the challenges they have been experiencing.  I then use a combination of Reiki, essential oils, tuning forks and practical tools to show people how to create this outcome.  If we meet any self-limiting thoughts, attitudes or behaviours on this journey, I guide clients to overcome these and provide techniques to ensure they feel equipped to deal with similar challenges in the moment.

The appointment begins with a medical and lifestyle consultation.  Essential oils are applied before lying on the table fully clothed and covered with a blanket.  The Reiki treatment then begins when I hold my hands over or gently on the main energy points of the body, and Reiki energy is sent into these points – this can be felt as heat or tingling coming from my hands.  I also use energetic cleansing and repair techniques where I intuitively sense this is needed. The whole process is very gentle and non-invasive. Clients often enter into a deep state of relaxation and accelerated healing where pain, stress and fear disappear.

Afterwards I provide feedback on what I sensed during the treatment, and a treatment plan for creating the client’s goals.

Now, I have to admit this still sounded pretty ‘alternative’ to me, but I consider myself open minded and to be honest, the idea of healing the body through energy paths isn’t really much of a stretch from more widely accepted therapies such as acupuncture and tai chi. I’ve decided to give Reiki a go and will write another article down the track to share my experience. If you’re thinking the same, here’s some more information you might like to know:

How much does a Reiki session cost?

For first time visitors to Figtree Holistic Therapies, Judy offers a discounted rate of $55 for a 1.5hr consultation and treatment (full price $85).  For on-going visits, clients can buy a block of 3 x 1.5hr appointments for $190, a saving of $65.  These can also be used to book a therapeutic massage treatment.

If you’re curious about giving Reiki a go and would like to read more about it and how it may benefit you, check out Judy’s website or search for Figtree Holistic Therapies on Facebook.


3 Janet St,
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