The Illawarra is having a Yoga Festival and it's going to be DELICIOUS...

Friday 21st June 2019 is World Yoga Day. Despite originating in India some time around 3000 BC, yoga remains a popular form of exercise today all over the world. As well as its physical benefits for improving strength, balance and flexibility, yoga is also used as a mindfulness based practice for reducing stress, improving mental clarity and increasing awareness of one’s own body. Yoga is now used widely by elite athletes, military personnel and is a recognised treatment for mental health conditions such as PTSD.

A 2018 research study showed that over 2.18 million Australians now practice yoga. It’s popularity has doubled in the past decade and around 11% of Aussies regularly take to their mat. 

Here in the Illawarra, yoga studios offer a range of styles to suit your preferences. From small class sizes at Be You Yoga in Figtree, to Bikram (hot yoga) at Wollongong Yoga Centre, there are so many variables that means there is a style out there for everyone. The teaching style of yoga instructors can vary a lot too, so you may find you enjoy a particular teacher. Many yoga studios in the Illawarra offer a free first session, so it’s worth trying a few out before deciding what ‘flavour’ of yoga you like.

To celebrate World Yoga Day, an Illawarra Yoga Festival is being held over the weekend of 22-23rd June. The festival kicks off with a celebration of Indian culture and spirituality through a showcase of traditional Indian dance, music and food as well as a variety of stalls selling yoga accessories and Ayurvedic wellness products. On Sunday, attendees can participate in a variety of 40 minute yoga sessions, offering the chance to try out many different styles of yoga, meditation and even tai chi. The sessions cater to a variety of body types, ages and ability levels.

It will be a great opportunity to find out more about the diverse local yoga community in the Illawarra and test drive some yoga styles you may not be familiar with. For those who might not be interested in participating in the yoga sessions, you can be sure that the food on offer will be amazing.

The Illawarra Yoga Festival will be held at Dapto Ribbonwood Centre, 93-109 Princes Highway, Dapto. To purchase tickets and book yoga sessions, click here.