The Illawarra community is fortunate enough to have easy access to many cutting-edge health and wellness modalities and some of the front-runners in high tech gear is the team at Core Naturopathics in Corrimal. One of their most prized pieces of equipment is their HOCATT™ sauna.

What is HOCATT™?

HOCATT™ stands for Hyperthermic Ozone Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology. Resembling something from a modern day space movie, this machine is a type of super-charged sauna that combines ozone with steam to boosting your immune system, detoxify the body and improve circulation and organ function. Ozone has been used for its’ health benefits in several countries across the world for well over 100 years and this technology is a new non-invasive way to get the benefits of ozone therapy. Clinical trials have shown ozone therapy to be useful in vascular, neurological, immune system and blood disorders to name a few.
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Who can benefit from using the HOCATT™?

– Elite athletes or those struggling with sporting injuries;

– Those struggling with chronic health conditions such as allergies and autoimmune disorders;

– People seeking effective detoxification from heavy metals or environmental toxins such as black mould. (The Illawarra’s own Core Naturopathics actually offered RFS volunteer firefighters free sessions in their Corrimal HOCATT™ sauna during the intense 2019-2020 bushfire period – legends!);

– Anyone interested in being proactive about their long term health and vitality.

What happens during a HOCATT™ session?

The HOCATT™ allows the user to sit comfortably reclined while the chamber doors close to cover their body, leaving their head poking out the top. Steam and Far Infrared rays then heat the body and a jet of pure, humidified oxygen flows out near the users face during the session for inhalation.

CO2 is infused to react with the steam to create Carbonic Acid, which safely and naturally increases the body’s ability to uptake and deliver oxygen at a cellular level. At the end of the CO2 cycle, the Ozone cycle begins. Ozone reacts with the steam on your skin and binds with heavy metals and toxins assisting your body to excrete them.

You will receive Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), Ultrasonic Cavitation and a number of other modalities while you relax during your 30 minute session in the HOCATT™.

How can you find out more?

If you think that the HOCATT machine might be something you’d like to try, you can contact the team at Core Naturopathics to discuss your needs by calling 1300 855 008 or reading more about it on their website.